Chiropractic Treatments

All services are performed by Dr. Peterson.

Most treatments begin with muscle and ligament work to get them loose and relaxed. Ultrasound therapy, trigger and pressure points work, and massage may also be used to improve blood flow and decrease soreness in muscles. Some patients prefer more gentle treatments and others need deeper work.

After the muscles and connective tissue are relaxed, most treatments include physical manipulation of the skeletal system. This involves moving the spine or joints in such a way as to regain the natural alignment of the skeletal system. A ‘popping’ noise can sometimes be heard during this portion of the treatment, which is completely natural.

Dr. Peterson is also trained in Graston technique which is helpful in breaking up scar tissue related to injuries or surgical procedures.

All treatments involve discussion of factors that contributed to the initial discomfort, and Dr. Peterson tries to provide patients with the tools that can prevent the problem from returning. This includes information about posture, daily habits and exercise.

Patients should expect to see improvement in two to three visits. If there is no improvement after multiple visits the problem will be reevaluated and other options explored. Dr. Peterson has a good working relationship with the medical community and will help direct patients to wherever they can get the most help.